Scott Biddle


Scott Biddle, a 21st century “water walker”, delivers an uncompromising, in your face message that causes a rethinking of who God has created the body of Christ to be, both individually and corporately, and how faith plays a role. Scott sees himself as a mix between an ADD Apostle Peter; David, a man after God’s own heart, and Elijah, a prophet relaying the Word (Truth) of God.  People have described him as high energy, engaging and full of love for God and for life. 

As a Christ follower and God seeker, God has called Scott, for the past 5 years, to figuratively walk on water in faith by relying on God’s promise to supply him and his families needs, while expressing his sincere passion to see this generation wrestle, grasp and apply Biblical truth; through speaking, being, and multi-media.

Scott graduated from Malone University with a degree in Youth and Family Ministry and  has 15 years of ministry experience both as a Youth/ Associate Pastor and a volunteer. He lives in Dublin, Ohio with his beautiful wife Tauni, and two kids, energy driven Michael at age 7, and Zoe, his red-headed, shy daughter of 6.